The story

Jean‐Michel Duriez is passionate about notes that are already in many House fragrances.
Oud wood is native to several countries in South-East Asia and belongs to the botanical speciesAquilaria.  It grows in many countries, mainly Laos, as well as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. When under attack by fungi and bacteria spread by colonies of insects, it defends itself by producing a resin calledAgar Oud, which contains ancestral medicinal properties long used in Southeast Asia. It was subsequently exported to all Middle Eastern countries for its warm, animal, leathery and very sensual scent. Many fragrances developed in this part of the world use this rare and extremely expensive extract. Traditionally, the tree chips are burned during the religious celebrations of Ramadan or to scent clothes and houses. However, this over-exploited species is now threatened with extinction.
« My W/OOD Collection accentuates the Oud accord, without using the natural wood. It is a form of conscious modernity. As well as a homage to wood and a return to my childhood… My first olfactory emotions, polished floors, fine furniture, carved objects, and the pencils from my past. I am happy to share this collection with you because in fact, I do not create perfumes, I make memories ».

The fragrance

I built this fragrance as a carnal convergence between Oud wood and musk. The profusion of musks softens the Oud accord. Although subtle, this olfactory presence is essential. The round quality mellows the animal facet of Oud, which unfolds over a woody and incense, myrrh and cedar resin accord. A hint of birch wood, Turkish tobacco and saffron elevate this structure.

Composition : Oud accord, musk accord, cedar essences, frankincense, myrrh, papyrus, red berries and clove, tobacco absolute, rose and iris accords.

Extrait de Parfum: 190€ for 70ml