Seine amoureuse

picture Gérard Uféras

The story

By a summer’s night, where heat and sensuality
animate the banks of the Seine,
Paris flares secretlly. One night love or an eternal love.
It smells of a forbidden perfume,
a perfume of sleepless nights.
The odour of starry nights which will remain into the creased sheets.
When the Loving Seine flows
and becomes a loving scene.

She undulates, She is curved, She is generous.
Her breath into the neck. The hollow of her tummy.
It beats and it’s moving. It expires and it exalts. Creased sheets. Entwined silhouettes.
Naughty and sensuous the loving scene.
– Julie Gouazé –

The fragrance

I created this sleepless nights fragrance on a major accord of orris and waxed woods. A touch of leather reminds us that we are all of us bodies in movement.

The ingredients of these sleepless nights: Maroccan orris butter, cinnamon essences from Ceylon, nutmeg, « white wood » cedar, Spanish cistus, suede leather accord, benzoin resinoid from Siam.

Extrait de Parfum: 190€ for 70ml