Mes fleurs d’ambre


picture Delphine Michalak

The story

The end of the day calls for the sensuality of the bodies.
The freshness of the evening takes place with the afternoon light.
The heady perfume of the flowers start to open.
It’s the lecherous dance that attracts her.
She gets lost into the orange trees alleys of her secret garden as she is languid and agile.
She turns over, like a fairy tale little feminine Petit Poucet.
She sows forbidden fruits and imaginative flowers.
He follows her.
The ambered light of the dusk undalates.
It’s time to love.

The fragrance

"Mes fleurs d’ambre" only exist in my imaginary. Amber, normally so hot and radiant, becomes in my Parisian garden, as a voluptous harmony of fruity and spicy freshness with mango and pink pepper. At night, it blossoms with the very sensual neroli and sambac jasmine. These amber flowers sign a delicate benzoin sap and myrrh, at dusk.

The ingredients of "Mes fleurs d'ambre" : Neroli oil, sambac jasmine absolute, blood orange oil, mango oil, pink pepper oil, benzoin sap and myrrh.

Eau de Parfum: 145€ for 70ml