Ombres furtives

photo Gérard Uféras

The story

Furtively, he climbs up the so coveted Opera House. He has just tagged the sacred stones. He will be the first one.
It’s a nocturnal challenge, a sin, a perfect crime.
At the same place, the clandestine ballerina with her bruised foot comes out to get some fresh air, under the moon light.
Quietly she settles down.
Mythical dome, a moment of calm.
Without realizing it, the tagger joins the tightrope dancer.
Their shadows meet.
Frighten to come across each other, into the light and shade. They get closer to each other, they turn around each other, they even get closer to each other.
The tagger and the ballerina.
From the tips of their fingers, they look for each other.
From the tips of their lips, they find each other, they discover each other.
They whisper.
He has changed his mind. Not to tag the monument anymore, but to draw her a flower.
Tonight, a petal. To add one more every night.
Chiaroscuro, obscure brightness, entwined elusive shadows.

The heart which beats up at the sight of a shadow.
Tangled entrechats under the stars.
Elusive caress.
Mischievous. Fleeting hug. It was written.

Cherish the night on the roof of Paris.
– Julie Gouazé –

The fragrance

Powerful, warm and intriguing. Clear, white, cold without being fresh. As for this fragrance, I wanted the hot and cold to meet, I want it all, but tepid.

The furtive ingredients: Star anise extract, licorice accord, Cardamom and nutmeg oils, Birch wood oil, smoked wood accord, Incense absolute from Somalia, cocoa extract, cistus absolute, White flower accord with white musks.

Extrait de Parfum: 190€ for 70ml