Mes fleurs de tulipes


picture Delphine Michalak


The story

The inginuity of the morning takes place with the fresh caress of midday.
At this time of the day, she is bursting with energy.
She takes off. She flies away. She panics.
Aeolus, the quick step wind Goddess.
She confuses and bewilders anyone she comes across.
Her dance becomes speedy and rhythmic.
Her burst of laughter rebounces and shines the heart.
The flower of the garden of tulips stands straight and appears radiant.
It’s a good time for happiness.

The fragrance

"Mes fleurs de tulipes" bloom at the zenith, into the Paris imaginary garden, during the month of May. They are green just like apples, and vegetable as if in a flower boutique, they shine with lime and a touch of honey. Turned towards the sun and the infinity, they lay onto the white, delicate, and wonderful eternal musks.

The ingredients of "Mes fleurs de tulipes" : Tulips accord, lime and osmanthus leaves, bergamot oil, ambrette seeds absolute, pink pepper oil, green apples accords, honey and white musks.

Eau de Parfum: 145€ for 70ml