Mes fleurs de roses


picture Delphine Michalak

The story

It’s a fresh and delicate Lady.
She opens her eyes and streches herself slowly.
She is merry and talkative this morning. Happy and cheerful.
She sketches a twirling step, like wet petals of an imaginary flower.
Nestled in a bud between a rose and a blackcurrant, she watches the sunrise.
All her gestures are light. As light as in the air with her wings, and her flip-flops as her footwear, she closes gently the door onto her sleeping lover.
At this moment, pearls of dew are still spread onto her skin.

The fragrance

"Mes fleurs de roses" come in as an armful of imaginary pink and white flowers. I have tinted a damascena rose essence with a bed of peonies, blood oranges, blackcurrant buds, ambrette seeds. The humus of this extraordinary garden is made of a touch of patchouli and saffron, just to remind that these flowers come from Mother’s earth.

The ingredients of "Mes fleurs de roses" : Damascena rose oil, peonies accord, blood orange accord, blackcurrant bud absolute and saffron accord and patchouli accord.

Eau de Parfum: 145€ for 70ml