L’Étoile et le Papillon


picture Gérard Uféras


The story

L’Étoile et le Papillon, is the fusion of two human beings who apparently have nothing in common.
She is luminous and tender, she seems unreachable.
He seems stuck to the ground, petrified.
He soars up to his star, a rose in his hand.
But she is far away, she does not see him.
With a nal ap of his swings, the butter y nearly reaches her,
barely even touches her,
more he is worn out and gives up.
The rose falls down. The star gets hold of it.
“Is this rose for me?”
His star joins him, he is alive, they make one.

The sky and the earth.
The cocoon and the immensity.
The night and the day.
The star sparkle, the butterfly tinges with color.
It’s a mad love, an impossibility.
Ephemeral and in a hurry.
Between the tiny and the whole universe.
– Julie Gouazé –

The fragrance

I conceived this fragrance just like a breathless meeting of two human beings, who have nothing in common. The sparkling star is a fresh rose onto the tenderness of a vanilla‐flavored ylang. The butterfly, ready to reach the summits, is a milky sandalwood essence on a woody moss base. I wrapped their union with a light veil of white amber. A life time perfume.

The ingredients of this breathless story: Turkish rose oil, ylang oil, Caledonian sandalwood oil, Texan cedar oil, patchouli oil, moss accord.

Extrait de Parfum: 190€ for 70ml