picture Gérard Uféras

The story

Versailles, in the year of grace 1689. A gloved hand slips furtively a message into the mahogany double‐bottom Mazarin bureau.
The love letter must leave for Paris on the same evening. Mysteriously left, nestled into the secret drawer, it will stay until…
Today, in Paris, one hand explores the framework of the bureau bought the day before. By pressing fortuitously onto a worn wooden ratchet, the hand discovers the still sealed letter.
Just like love at first sight. Three centuries of history have taken apart two improbable lovers.

And one day back to yesterday.
Let oneself glide and find the key again.
Open again one’s body and heart. So…

…the perfume resumes its form, resumes its voice. He lives. She faints.
– Julie Gouazé –

The fragrance

Double‐base notes for this mahogany double‐bottom. I created a woody, powerful, varnished and honey‐flavored note for them. Cocoa and a few spices add more sophistication. I was imagining those discreet salons, where burning and clandestine love affairs were consumed.

The ingredients of « double-fond » : Calabrian bergamot oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, Egyptian basil oil, cocoa extract, mahogany accord.

Extrait de Parfum: 190€ for 70ml