Bois froissés

© Gérard Uféras Paris pour la maison Jean Michel Duiez 14_09_16

picture Gérard Uféras

The story

Onto a creased fabric, the model poses.
With a sure hand, a sharp eye, the sculptor sculpts. The magic operates.
It is the love story between a model and his artist, possibly the sculptor and his statue.
Somewhere in the shelter of a studio or onto the waxed wooden oor of a Parisian museum.
Varnished wood and creased material make one only.
Bois froissés.

SCan you feel the wood under your fingers?
Can you hear, the creased fabric?
The statue has moved. The frame has cracked.

It is an Art story.
Bronze laid on the wooden floor.
The wood talks.
It’s the skin that listens.

– Julie Gouazé –

The fragrance

I composed this perfume in a museum. I sat and I smelt. I invented a textured and stratified accord of Atlas and Virginia cedar oils, woods that I imagine like « her and him ». The first is tender and civilized, the other is powerful and carnal. A tribute to this very highly sensual raw material along with the most beautiful resins: styrax, incense, tolu.

The sculptor’s ingredients: Atlas, Virginia cedar oils, basil oil, cinnamon, papyrus oil, styrax balsam from Honduras, incense resin from Somalia, tolu balm.

Extrait de Parfum: 190€ for 70ml